Op de kenniswebsite delen en verrijken we de opgedane kennis rondom de bouw van de Noord/Zuidlijn. Zo bereiken we de metrobouwers, projectmanagers en communicatiedeskundigen van de toekomst en zullen de lessen van de Noord/Zuidlijn daadwerkelijk beklijven en handvatten bieden aan medewerkers van andere grote infrastructurele werken nu en in de toekomst.

What London taught us

Take off your Dutch hat and put on a British one. Then, take another close look at your project. This can be a very insightful exercise, concluded a delegation of the Noord/Zuidlijn Metro Line that is currently being constructed in Amsterdam. They travelled to England a few months ago to experience the behind the scenes of the London Underground. The Dutch delegation was especially interested in their System Integration. What did they learn? What were the eye openers? And how will these findings be implemented back home? Executive Project Manager Gerard Scheffrahn: ‘The chance to look at our reality from a completely different perspective is what made this exchange so inspiring.’

Noord/Zuidlijn web strategy: opportunities and obstacles

Almost five years ago, on Wednesday 10 September 2008, construction of the Noord/Zuidlijn metro line was seriously disrupted by subsidence on Vijzelgracht. Besides significant changes to the organisation, management and execution of the project, it was also necessary to fundamentally change the project’s communication methods. Two of the key elements in the radical change of […]